Working time

A working timer is there to track the pure presence time of a person in a team. It is therefore different from the normal project times and it does not matter which activity is carried out, but only for which team the times are tracked.


Working hours can only be tracked within organisations. To set up working hours and profiles, you must be an administrator of that organisation.

Activate working times

Working hours can only be tracked if this has been activated for the respective organisation in the settings. To do this, go to the tab "Working time" in the organisation settings and tick the box "Activate".
Now you can also see this in the time recording when you select this organisation. You can now create working times and see a button in the upper right corner with an "Absent - Present" button and the corresponding overview for overtime.

Create working time profile

Here you can create different working time profiles that are adapted to the employees. Not only the individual working weeks, but also the whole year can be individually adjusted. The hours can be adjusted per weekday ( Mon:8; Tue:8; ... ) and per month ( Jan:40; Feb:40; ... ) or directly via the date in square brackets ( [04.06.2023]:4; [24.08.2023]:6; ... ). Percentage gradations can also be made ( 75%(Mon:8; Tue:8; ...) ). The individual adjustments can also be combined with each other and can thus be tailored to each employee individually. Furthermore, international and regional holidays can also be added to the working time profile, which are then automatically left out of the working time and overtime calculation.

Assign working time profile

The working time profiles created can now be assigned to the individual employees of the organisation, as perhaps some only work part-time or even have completely different working weeks. Thus, working hours and overtime can be calculated individually for each employee.

Working timer

Start timer

If no times have been created for the day yet, you have the choice of creating only a working time or a project time. If a project time is created, the working time for this day also appears automatically. The working time timer stands out from the project timers and is titled "Presence".
In addition, the working time can also be started and stopped via the "Absent - Present" button in the upper right corner. This starts the timer for the current day.
The working time timer always starts automatically as soon as another timer is started.

Stop timer

The working time can be stopped via the "Absent - Present" button and via the button on the left side of the timer. If the working time is stopped, all other running project timers are also always stopped so that the working time does not deviate from the recorded project times.

Overtime overview

In the overtime overview, each employee can see their expected working time for the month, as well as their working time booked so far and the overtime calculated from this. In addition, you can also display all of your overtime from a selectable point in time. This time is preset to when the organisation member is added. Overtime not recorded from the time before can be added to the total calculation via the carryover.


There is also a corresponding widget for the working times, which summarises the recorded working times of the employees in a list. This overview can also be converted into an Excel or PDF file and saved.