With tags you have the possibility to categorize your timers according to different criteria. You can assign as many tags as you like to each timer. Assign a tag to a timer

Tags can be organized into groups. For example, you can create a group for your customers or projects. But also other information like travel expenses or hourly rates can be mapped with the help of tags.

The Dashboard module offers you the possibility to create tables or charts. This way you can summarize all times that have been tagged with a certain keyword. There are various possibilities to prepare this information so that you can use it for further purposes such as invoicing. You also have the option of exporting this data to Excel or as a CSV file.

Composition: A tag is always composed of two components, the tag group and the name of the tag. For example, "Customer: Max Muster Ltd", "Customer: Peter Lustig". "Customer" would be the group in this case, the actual names of the customers form the tag name.

Assign a tag to a timer

In the simplest case you create a tag by typing in group and name in the detail view.

  1. Enter group
  2. [ENTER]
  3. Enter name
  4. [ENTER]

Vordefinierte Schlagworte erstellen

Predefined tags save you tedious typing and ensure that the same spelling is always used. This is especially useful when working in teams. First create a tag group in the sidebar. Then you can create as many tags as you want within the group.
After you have created a group, you can create new tags for this group.

Assign tag templates

by keyboard

  1. Predefined tags appear as suggestions in the detail view. The suggestions are filtered as you type. With the arrow keys [Arrow up] and [Arrow down] you can jump through all suggestions.
  2. [ENTER] accepts the proposed group.
  3. Further tapping filters the tag names. The arrow keys can be used to scroll through the proposed names.
  4. [ENTER] completes the creation.

by mouse

  1. Click with the mouse on one of the proposed groups.
  2. Then select the name of the tag.


You can also drag very frequently used tags from the sidebar to your timers using the mouse.

Expert tip: For the benefit of clarity, less frequently used tags can be hidden in the sidebar. They will still appear in the detail view. They can also be displayed in the sidebar if required.

Customize view

Normally, each tag appears as text and image at the right side of a timer. You can define whether tags of a predefined group should appear only as text, only as an icon or not at all in the main area of the timer. You can also change the icon. Choose one of the listed icons or enter the link to an image stored elsewhere on the internet.

Rename group

Rename tag

When you rename a tag, you have the choice to apply the changes only to newly created tags - select the Save button - or you have the option to apply the changes to all previously created timers - select the the button "Apply to existing".

Remove tag from group

When deleting a tag, only the template is deleted. All timers to which this tag has already been assigned remain unaffected, the tag will not be removed from the timer.

Delete group