Organisations represent work groups or companies to which one belongs or for which one works. This can be used to separate private and business time or to better structure time in several work groups.

Create organisation

To create an organisation, click on the organisation tab on the left-hand side, directly above Settings. There you will find the following page:


Here you can enter the name of your organisation.


In the "Members" tab, people can be invited to join your organisation. You simply enter their email addresses and when you save it, an invitation email is sent to them and they can join.


In the "Keywords" tab, keywords can be added to your organisation to create categorisations and filter within the organisation. Simply click on Add Group, enter a name and a new group is created for the organisation.


In the "Settings" tab you can set the colour of your organisation.

Working times

In the tab "Working time" you can activate the tracking of working times. In addition, the individual working time profiles can be created and adjusted here. More on this under working times.