The stopwatch for your workplace

The perfect tool for freelancers, small and medium-sized companies. It was developed to record project times, but can also be used to record working hours. With a new invented user interface is the timeslider more intuitive and faster to use than any other time tracking software.


Why timeslider?

Easy to use

One of the key feature is the time line. Time lines can be captured better and faster by the human eye than time pairs listed in tables. It is much easier to find gaps in your daily work or to identify which activity took up most of your time.

Experience shows that often you don't start the times as soon as you start a work, like with a stopwatch. Be it out of forgetfulness or because it has to go fast, often you add times later or adjust them again later. The interface concept takes this aspect into account and was therefore designed so that you can modify your times very quickly by dragging with the mouse.



Timeslider provides a very flexible way to organize your times with tags, e.g. for your customers, projects or billing types. You can create as much tag groups as you like. Create charts and statistics based on the assigned tags.


Create chart and table widgets, grouped by date, tag or team members. Monitor your project efforts in real time and supervise the times of your entire team. Export all data to Excel, PDF or CSV



timeslider is free for individuals and small teams up to 3 members.

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